It's been a turbulent month for me this month. Life can really feel like a rollercoaster can't it? Anyway, when things get too much, I just dress in fun clothes and get myself out and about and see all my friends and hang out in nature and go to cool places and it fixes everything!!!… Continue reading Promises


Check yo’self before you rex yourself

I have done many an outfit post with clothing from the brand 'The Mountian' in the past. They must of seen that I was a fan as they approached me to collaborate. This is honestly one of my fave tee brands as I love print tees, I always like a fun element to my outfits,… Continue reading Check yo’self before you rex yourself


Loving white on white at the moment. I didn't have any white trainers but If I did I prob would of matched this outfit with white plimsolls, converse or perhaps some Reeboks. I ended up matching the look with my running trainers haha- I figured the white soles and my black bra tie in the… Continue reading White

Chill day

My little sister and I had a gallery day and went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition. I unfortunately didn't get any photos at the exhibition as my phone batt died but also they didn't let us take photos anyway 😦 It's a bit pricey but I do recommend… Continue reading Chill day