Sisters bday celebrations

My sister had a cute catered brunch in Dalston. I decided to dress casual because thats what I like bestttt. I usually dress casual and then focus on hair and makeup a bit more. Homemade salted caramel cake with caramelised macadamia that I couldn't eat coz its not vegan 😦  Sis and I ❤ Top:… Continue reading Sisters bday celebrations


New hair <3

I've decided to grow out my bleached hair as it was getting too damaged. I went in for a 'denim blue' look as my roots were too dark and the ends were too light so I thought a mid blue would make the contrast less harsh. They dyed it WAY too dark but it washed… Continue reading New hair ❤

HEBA clothing:Hotter than hell

Mini shoot for my fashion brand, HEBA clothing I printed this sweatshirt myself and I designed and made the flares, and added the flames at the bottom by hand 🙂 This is Blossom, she joined us on our shoot!!!! Im sure you can tell I like animals by the amount of animals I have in… Continue reading HEBA clothing:Hotter than hell

Howl ya doin’?

I went to Holland Park with my best friend Sophie, they have a super cute garden in there called Kyoto Gardens. Here are some pics. Outfit includes jeans I distressed myself. Scroll down for outfit deets. Hoodie: The Mountain: Jeans: Cheap Monday, distressed by me Shoes: Converse Choker from my store, Hebas World:


It's been a turbulent month for me this month. Life can really feel like a rollercoaster can't it? Anyway, when things get too much, I just dress in fun clothes and get myself out and about and see all my friends and hang out in nature and go to cool places and it fixes everything!!!… Continue reading Promises