This sounds lovely ❤


here is a simple and effective energetic grid for your home. often people who don’t know or care about crystals / subtle energies enter my home and say, “wow, it feels really good in here!” – amazing how powerful the effects are.


5 quartz crystals (can be rose quartz or a coated quartz like angel aura, but must be quartz)

epsom salt

an oven safe bowl / dish


isopropyl alcohol

1. drop a pinch of salt in each corner of your home and open a window.

2. place a mound of epsom salt in a bowl, then drop some isopropyl alcohol on top of the mound. light it so it has a pretty blue flame.

3. carrying the flame, walk around your home starting from one corner, to all the other corners counter-clockwise. do this 3 times. if the flame goes out just relight it. close…

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