Who am I? Help!

Recently I’ve been lost and confused, I keep feeling like I need more of a purpose on this earth, not just another fashion blogger posting outfits online, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I feel like there are enough in the world!

One side of me tells me, but fashion design, styling and d.i.y is your forte, but actually the things I think about all the time are animals, nature, spirituality, finding happiness, positivity, kindness, good deeds, friendship, family etc etc.

Now how to incorporate that in to my fashion blog and You Tube?

I don’t know!!

I’ve done a few deep chat youtube vids, but if anyone has any other ideas of how I can incorporate these random things I love, in to my fashion and DIY blog/ you tube, i’d greatly appreciate your ideas and thoughts.

I just want to help people, and help add positivity to this earth. Thats what truly makes me happy.

Heba xx


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