Last min wedding outfit

I don’t go to many weddings as none of my friends are getting married but I went to my cousin’s wedding last month and I didn’t have anything to wear!! And no money!!!

I decided to rush to the high street stores and look for something to wear. It needed to be three things:

  • Affordable
  • Something I could wear in other places other than a wedding so I could get alot of use out of it.
  • Something I could style easily


I came up with a plan to find an item that was simple so that the main focus could be my hair (my hair ended up getting really fluffy as it was freshly washed), makeup, shoes and accessories so that I could make it more dressy and wedding- like.

Now baring in mind, I have a very specific alternative style so many of you may think this is not wedding appropriate but it worked out perfectly for me!!!

I used to think of diamantes as tacky, but now they are back in fashion, I quite enjoy this trend as I can also mix them up with black tees for a ‘glam rock’ vibe.

Outfit deets:

Tee: Topshop

Boots: Ebay

Choker: my store,  but they are not back in stock yet!


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