I seem to be so behind on posts- work can get so distracting! I went to Berlin a few weeks back just to get away after a stressful week of work. Here’s the pics:

IMG_9571 IMG_9575My friends amaze flat- these pics don’t do them justice!IMG_9595Breakfast. IMG_9681Coffee at this amaze vegan chain called Veganz in Berlin!!! I wish we had them in London 😦 And their coffee cups are amaze!!!!! IMG_9685Night in watching tangled, eating a vegan wrap and drinking some strange drink which actually tasted super nice but v sweet.  IMG_9717Chilling by the pool in Soho House.  IMG_9730Trying to get work done- not really happening! IMG_9742Iced coffee, sunshine and strawberries = perfection. IMG_9753Night time outfit. Comfy and quite casual. I feel like people don’t dress up as much for clubs in Berlin. IMG_9765Kooples bikini.IMG_9792This face tho. Post Soho House shower. FullSizeRenderBerlin wall. IMG_9699I look so sad even though I wasn’t sad, promiseeeeee.

This trip was great as I love Berlin and it’s an easy place to get away to as it is so close to London. I also landed a deal to sell my clothing from my fashion label in a super cute store in Berlin called Coexist. Overall a successful and relaxing trip ❤


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