Fall Out Boy- MTV Live Lockdown

Soooo this week I haven’t been able to take any outfit shots (i’m going to see if I can get some quick ones today) so decided to do a post about an event I went to last week. My best friend Becca is a very talented tv presenter and I decided to come and support her and see her in action presenting a tv show called MTV Live Lockdown. If a sixteen year old me knew that I would be backstage with Fall Out Boy, seeing them practice singing and being behind the scenes, I prob would of cried haha.

Here’s the piccys:

My outfit- I’ve been going to the gym lots so I felt the urge to wear a crop top. Usually when I dress in more revealing clothing, my natural instinct is to even it out with a long kimono or shirt and thigh high socks to cover up some skin. Thigh high socks usually draw the wrong kinds of attention haha- think adult dressed as a ‘sexy’ school girl vibes. Scroll down for details.

IMG_6031 IMG_6044 IMG_6067 Distracting Becca from her lines. Obv wouldn’t be a true friend if I didn’t.IMG_6104Felt this was the perfect opportunity to rummage through her wardrobe. I found this dreamy beanie hat which I will prob eventually steal from her. IMG_6108Obligatory dressing room selfie- I get boreddddd so take selfies to distract myself, okaaaayyy?! IMG_6077 IMG_6084 Behind da scenes. IMG_6099Look how angry two of the band members look haha my bad.IMG_6095Woohoo.

Outfit details:

Top- Misguided

Long shirt/blouse- Topshop

Denim Shorts- Peekaboo Vintage

Cowboy boots- Topshop


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