Technicoloured dreamcoat

This is an outfit from a few weeks ago around Easter, I didn’t get the chance to blog about it and I’ve been super busy with my brand (HEBA Clothing) that I haven’t had the chance to do a new outfit post this week. When I was dressing myself that morning, all I knew was I really wanted to wear my floral trench and I had also found a pair of tassel leopard print boots in my room that I COMPLETELY forgot about. I bought them, wore the about twice, packed them away and found them about two years later eaten up by moths. Gross. I disinfected them and now I’m gonna pretend to myself that they’re vintage and they’re supposed to be like that :D. Anyway, I really wanted to wear both. So here’s the look I put together. Kinda crazy but hayyyy dress to express, not impress 🙂

At Clifton Nurseries garden center in Maida Vale, near where I live. They have the cutest cafe and it’s my fave place to have lunch.


Dress: Misguided

Shoes: Senso

Jacket: Masha Tsigal

Hat: Topshop


6 thoughts on “Technicoloured dreamcoat”

  1. I LOVE that coat! I totally get the feeling of being overdressed-my friends are in jeans and a t-shirt while I’m here wearing clothes as if I’m attending London Fashion week (it’s a feeling that I almost cherish though!). Beautiful pictures!


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