Styling my Handmade Pom Pom headband

I hand made some pompoms then turned them in to a headband! Click here to see the YouTube clip: I then styled it in to two different Autumnal looks. Here’s some piccys of look 1: IMG_2707    IMG_2743 I found the poncho in a vintage shop in Portobello for only £15 and it’s one of my most fave items in my wardrobe! I def think that perseverance and a lot of digging in random vintage shops is worth it to find special pieces for your wardrobe with more of a story to it. The tee is from a brand at Topman, I think it’s called art disco…. I think… haha. The jeans are Cheap Monday, they are a vintage wash/fit and were only like 13 euros from Weekday in Berlin. Every time I wear them I just think of that amazing trip to Berlin ❤ Look 2!!:  IMG_2817  IMG_2828 This cuuuute pastel blue/duck egg blue jumper is from Topshop. I loveeee it!!! It has speckles of colour running through it too ❤ Leggings are from my fashion label, HEBA Clothing. I handmade a pair then went to Egypt and got a factory to batch produce about 20, they are from a natural modal fabric and are SO comfy and durable, i’ve had the same pair for two years and not a single bobble. Also, I fell off my skateboard and broke my arm in them and there wasn’t a single hole! I skated in my American Apparel overpriced disco pants and a giant hole ripped in them after one fall. The bag is All Saints ❤ You should defd try out hand making a headband!!! You can use plain pom poms, use neutral more muted colours, or you could do a colourful one like mine or match one to a specific outfit you have in mine. Autumnal colours would be super cute too ❤ Link to my You Tube vid on how I styled the headband is here:


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